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Medicine, Science and Law
Capital Research Associates
Capital Research Associates Ltd. offer expert legal research to solicitors,  barristers, publishers and writers. Law firms, in particular busy claimant  divisions, and Counsel benefit from our management of their critical research  requirements. Medical records are collated, indexed and paginated with  chronologies and reviews provided. Publishers and internet companies can  rely on up-to-date information and knowledge on specific medico-legal  matters for projects of all scales. Essential and thorough research is the difference between a firm investing its  resources in a winning litigation as opposed to one destined to fail. Missing  the vital piece of evidence can lose a case or waste hours of time chasing a  'red herring'. We suggest that research is too important to be left to staff  unfamiliar with research skills, software and analysis of data sets and would  be both more reliably and cost effectively assigned to a specialist team of  consultants. By outsourcing this responsibility our Clients can relax in the knowledge that  their decisions will be based upon accurate data delivered to their desks  within deadline.  Research outcomes can maximise damages. We enable others to make  sound judgements expeditiously thereby saving time and money. Failure of a  law firm to conduct proper research could leave it exposed to criticism and  unable to manage realistic expectations of its Clients.
Capital Research Associates Ltd.
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